Borders Fundraiser at Luffness Mains

The Scottish Ploughing Championships held another successful regional match at Luffness Mains, Aberlady on Saturday 2nd October.  Thank you to our host, John M Stevenson Ltd and Farm Manager, Geert Knottenbelt for providing an excellent site and being so welcoming.

Although the wind and rain was all around the area the site remained mainly dry and everyone enjoyed another grand day out.  Thanks to everyone who came along to plough, judge or spectate.

Sponsor:  Ferguson Traveline.


Vintage Mounted – 1st George Black (277), 2nd David Wood (257), 3rd Jim McKechnie (251).

Non Hydraulic Classic Reversible – 1st Neil Ramsay (263), 2nd John Tait (240), 3rd Colin Crawford (224).

Classic Conventional – 1st Stuart Forsyth (288), 2nd Keith Robertson (277), 3rd Gordon Hepburn Jnr (269).

Vintage Trailing – 1st Bill Wood (302), 2nd Raymond Smart (294), 3rd Ed Bennie (289)

Horticultural – 1st Tom Tweedie (245)

High Cut – 1st Jim Fleming (261)