Borders Fundraiser at Luffness Mains

The Scottish Ploughing Championships held another successful regional match at Luffness Mains, Aberlady on Saturday 2nd October.  Thank you to our host, John M Stevenson Ltd and Farm Manager, Geert Knottenbelt for providing an excellent site and being so welcoming.

Although the wind and rain was all around the area the site remained mainly dry and everyone enjoyed another grand day out.  Thanks to everyone who came along to plough, judge or spectate.

Sponsor:  Ferguson Traveline.


Vintage Mounted – 1st George Black (277), 2nd David Wood (257), 3rd Jim McKechnie (251).

Non Hydraulic Classic Reversible – 1st Neil Ramsay (263), 2nd John Tait (240), 3rd Colin Crawford (224).

Classic Conventional – 1st Stuart Forsyth (288), 2nd Keith Robertson (277), 3rd Gordon Hepburn Jnr (269).

Vintage Trailing – 1st Bill Wood (302), 2nd Raymond Smart (294), 3rd Ed Bennie (289)

Horticultural – 1st Tom Tweedie (245)

High Cut – 1st Jim Fleming (261)










South West Regional Ploughing Match

Sunday 19th September 2021 – Monktonhill, Prestwick, KA9 1UL

Thank you to our host, Mr Andrew Cuthbertson, and to everyone who came along today to plough, judge, help or spectate.  It was a damp start but brightened up into a glorious day and was enjoyed by all who attended.


  • 1st      Plot:  25  –  Hugh Currie = 90 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  23  –  Alistair Brown = 83 points
  • 3rd      Plot:  24  –  Gordon Rae = 82 points


  • Reversible Butts
  • 1st      Plot:  26  –  George McLachlan = 97 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  27  –  Jamie Dick = 80 points


  • Multi Furrow Reversible
  • 1st      Plot:  31  –  Ross Anderson = 82 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  30  –  Matthew Henry = 78 points
  • 3rd      Plot:  29  –  Craig Gatherer = 57 points


  • Classic Conventional
  • 1st      Plot:  16  –  Stuart Forsyth = 160 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  17  –  Gordon Hepburn = 143 points
  • 3rd      Plot:  15  –  Robert McKechnie = 129 points


  • Non Hydraulic Classic Reversible
  • 1st      Plot:  18  –  John Walker = 121 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  19  –  Fraser Millar = 114 points
  • 3rd      Plot:  20  –  Sandy Anderson = 90 points


  • Tractor High Cut
  • 1st      Plot:  5  –  Jim Fleming = 134 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  3  –  John McNae = 130 points
  • 3rd      Plot:  4  –  David  Naismith = 114 points
  • Vintage Trailing
  • 1st      Plot:  6  –  Raymond Smart = 155 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  7  –  Bill Wood = 147 points


  • Vintage Mounted
  • 1st      Plot:  12  –  James Magnay = 153 points
  • 2nd      Plot:  10  –  David Veitch = 139 points
  • 3rd      Plot:  9  –  Nathan Paterson = 136 points


  • Horticultural
  • 1st      Plot:  1  –  Tom Tweedie = 133 points


  • OVERALL WINNER:  Plot 16   Stuart Forsyth


Thank you to all our sponsors:


Classic Conventional and Reversible Score Sheet  –  PDF file

Vintage High Cut and Horticultural Score Sheet  –  PDF file

World Style and MF Reversible Score Sheet – PDF file
















Regional Fundraisers

South West Fundraiser

  • Sunday 19th September – Monktonhill Farm, Prestwick, KA9 1UL by kind permission of Mr A Cuthbertson.
  • Organiser:  Alistair Brown
  • Rosettes sponsored by John H McNae Ltd, Mayfield, Yett, Tarbolton, KA5 5NX
  • Closing date for entries:  Wednesday 15th September 2021

Borders Regional Fundraiser

  • Saturday 2nd October 2021 – Luffness Mains, Aberlady, Longniddry, EH32 0PZ by kind permission of John M Stevenson Ltd.
  • Organiser:  John Tait
  • Rosettes and hire of Portaloos sponsored by Harry Ferguson Traveline.
  • Closing date for entries: Wednesday 29th September

Fife Regional Fundraiser

  • Saturday 23rd October 2021 – Pitlochie Farm, Gateside, Cupar. KY14 7SQ by kind permission of James Orr.
  • Organiser:  Willie Grieve
  • Closing date for entries: Monday 11th October

Central Scotland Fundraiser

  • Saturday 6th November 2021 – Househill Farm, Larbert, FK5 4RZ by kind permission of John Pollock & Sons.
  • Organiser:  John Walker
  • Main sponsor:  Associated Agricultural Oils Ltd, Stirling
  • Rosettes sponsored by MAM Contracting Ltd, Crieff.
  • Sponsor:  Wild Goose Glamping
  • Closing date for entries:  Tuesday 2nd November



CLICK HERE for link to online entries.

  • PLEASE BE AWARE that all entries should be made online.  If you are unable to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal please contact Jane on 07717 758 638.
  • The QR code is automatically issued by the Entries website and is not required to enter the ploughing match on the day.
  • confirmation of entry will be sent via e-mail from:
  • confirmation of payment will be sent via e-mail from:
  • Please check your spam folder for entry confirmation before contacting Jane.  Thank you.


Details of classes running at each event available via online entries website (link above) along with closing dates, etc.

Rules as per Scottish Ploughing Championship rules.

Entry Fee:  £15 for SPC members, £20 for non-members (apart from Central Scotland).

A Catering Unit will be selling refreshments during the day at each match.

Plot numbers and any additional information will be sent out via e-mail prior to match.

RULESSPC Rules for Fundraisers

If you are unable to pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal, please contact Jane for a printed booking form on 07717 758 638.

Please remember that entry numbers are limited.


Online entries will assist in saving postage and stationery costs.  In addition you will receive instant confirmation of entry and payment via automated e-mails.

It also ensures compliance with Covid guidelines by minimising contact handling of forms and payment.

Thank you for your understanding.

200 Club Draw

200 Club numbers were drawn at the Executive Committee Meeting held on 1st August 2021.

1st = £50 won by Jill Grieve

2nd = £30 won by John Walker (donated back to Scottish – thanks John)

3rd = £25 won by Alex Evans

4th = £20 won by Alistair Davidson

5th = £15 won by James Tait

Scottish Ploughing Championships 2021

It is with regret that the Executive Committee of Ploughing Championships (Scotland) Limited announces the cancellation of the 2021 Scottish Ploughing Championships.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing uncertainties about what restrictions may be in place in October it has not been possible to commence arrangements for the 58th Scottish Ploughing Championships due to be held at Monktonhill, Prestwick, by kind permission of Mr A Cuthbertson.

The financial risk to the organisation in going ahead with planning and then having to cancel closer to the event due to changes to restrictions to deal with an increase in cases or a new variant is too great.  Due to the unpredictability of the virus and restrictions still in place it was not possible to guarantee being able to organise a Scottish Ploughing Championships to the high standard we would wish.

We will now commence planning for the 58th Scottish Ploughing Championships to be held at Stanstill Farm, Thurso, Caithness by kind permission of Mr and Mrs M Milne on 22nd & 23rd October 2022.

The proposed meeting scheduled for 20th June to appoint judges and stewards will NOT be held.

200 Club – March 2021

The 200 Club was drawn by the Executive Committee on Sunday 28th March 2021 – winners as follows:

  • 1st prize of £50 won by Alex Robertson.
  • 2nd prize of £30 won by William Dunlop.
  • 3rd prize of £25 won by Mrs Mary Carnegie (who has kindly donated her winnings back to the Scottish Ploughing Championships).
  • 4th prize of £20 won by Mrs Angela Mitchell.
  • 5th prize of £15 won by Bob Milne.

Cheques are in the post.

Annual General Meeting

Membership renewal information and Site Team volunteering forms have been posted out to all 2020 members and affiliated societies.

This year the AGM will be held online due to Covid-19 restrictions and renewing members are asked to confirm on their membership renewal form if they wish to be sent the link to join the AGM.

Click here for link to online membership and Site Team volunteering form.

Any matters that you wish to be raised at the AGM must be with the secretary by 26th March.

The link to the online AGM will be sent out on Saturday 27th March.

Only members who have confirmed they wish to attend will be sent the link and admitted to the AGM.

If you have any queries prior to meeting, please contact Jane.

£100 Winners

Executive Committee members are selling squares at £5 each with those buying a square having a 1 in 40 chance of winning £100.


  • Helen Lee, Banknock
  • Jeanette Anderson, Dunfermline
  • Linda Cassells, Stirling
  • Nathan Parlett, Ayrshire
  • William Young, Lanark















200 Club Christmas Draw

Congratulations to the Christmas 200 Club Draw winners:
£50 – Gordon Rae
£30 – Stuart Forsyth
£25 – Robin Hunter
£20 – Peter Martin
£15 – Mrs E Bathgate
Cheques are in the post.

Scottish Points League Trophies

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019-2020 ploughing season Scottish Points League Trophies.
Points were collated from results submitted by affiliated societies during September 2019 – March 2020.
The George Mutch Trophy for Classic and Vintage – 1st Michael Mackay, 2nd Jim McKechnie, 3rd= Raymond Smart and Gerald MacLeod.
The Rab Birrell Conventional Shield – 1st Willie Grieve, 2nd= Graeme Mackay and Ian McDonald.
The D M Carnegie Reversible Shield – 1st Scott Alexander, 2nd= Dave Carnegie and W McDonald.