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Chairman:  Bill Wood

Vice Chairman:  Willie Grieve

Secretary:    Jane McDowall


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The first Scottish Championships match took place at Newmiln, Tibbermore, Perthshire on 23 November 1963.

The Scottish Championship Ploughing Association became affiliated to the World Ploughing Championships in 1991.  From that date, Scotland has been represented in her own right, with the winners of the Scottish Ploughing Championships competing all over the world.

The Scottish Championships are held annually in October – in a different area of the country every year – with the aim of promoting the importance of good ploughing.

Ploughing is, first and foremost, the most important primary cultivation for arable farming in preparing for the production of vegetable and cereal growing, leading to brewing and distilling processes.  We consider the art of ploughing to be highly important and a tradition to be actively encouraged if it is to survive.  In these days of quality control & trace ability, it’s most important that the start of production is right and it all starts with the plough!

The late Bob Anderson of Lauder, stalwart of the Scottish Ploughing committee, was the first Scotsman to win the British Ploughing Championship and went on to be the only Scotsman to represent Great Britain in the World Championships on two occasions.