Scottish Ploughing Championships

Year   Venue                                                    Scottish Champion          Reversible Winner

1963   Newmilne, Tibbermore, Perthshire            James Grant                     Leslie Dick

1964   Carsebank, Forfar                                   David Dick                        F Leighton

1965   Falklandwood, Fife                                 David Dick                        Ken D Carr

1966   Drumsleed, Auchenblae                          Norman Morrison               Leslie Dick

1967   Roddinglaw, Corstorphine                       James Forbes                   David Ford

1968   Mains of Murrie, Errol                              James Forbes                   R Keith

1969   Nethermains, Kemnay, Aberdeen             Alex Greenhill                    Leslie Dick

1970   Dryfeholm, Lockerbie                              John Gilchrist                    J McDairmant

1971   Carsebank, Forfar                                   William Robb                    J Irvine

1972   Scones of Lethendy, Perth                      Ronald Keith                     R Keith

1973   Culbeuchly, Banff                                   Robert Anderson               R Ednie

1974   Drumsleed, Auchenblae                          Jack McNicoll                   J McNicoll

1975   Fans, Earlston                                        Alan Ramsay                     R Gauld

1976   Balboughty, Scone                                 Wm Barclay                      R Keith

1977   Milton of Grange, Forres, Morayshire       Charles Jamieson              C Jamieson

1978   Drumnagair, Laurencekirk                        Tom Greenhill                    R Gauld

1979   Greenwells Farm, St Boswells                  James Leith                      J S W Leith

1980   Mains of Glamis, Forfar                          James Leith                      J S W Leith

1981   Culbeuchly, Banff                                   I J Daniel                          J S W Leith

1982   Rosehill, Arbroath                                   Alan Ramsay                     J McNicoll

1983   Greenside Farm, Fife                              David Dick                        D Greenhill

1984   Adniston Farm, Tranent, East Lothian       George Black                    J McNicoll

1985   Wester Alves, Elgin                                 Robert Gauld                    R W Gauld

1986   Foulton, Prestwick                                  Gordon Beattie                  J McNicoll

1987   Mains of Keithick, Coupar Angus             Alan Ramsay                     D M Carnegie

1988   Culbeuchly, Banff                                   John Bathgate                   J Bathgate

1989   Birnie Knowes, Berwick                           Wm Garden

1990   Delab Farm, Monymusk, Abdn                James Walker                   D M Carnegie

1991   Fettes Farm, Muir of Ord, Rossshire        David Carnegie                 D M Carnegie

1992   Westhall and Duntrune, Dundee               Ian J Daniel                       D M Carnegie

1993   Mark Farm, Stranraer                               Andrew Morrison               D M Carnegie

From 1994 – separate Conventional and Reversible Champions

Year   Venue                                                    Conventional Champion   Reversible Champion

1994   Fogorig, Duns                                        I J Daniel                          J Morrison

1995   Delfur, Rothes, Morayshire                      W Cruden                          D M Carnegie

1996   Kildinny, Perth                                        I J Daniel                          A Mitchell

1997   Balmuchy, Tain                                       A Morrison                        D M Carnegie

1998   Ladyrig Farm, Kelso                                J Walker                           W Morrison

1999   Inch of Arnhall, Edzell                             A Morrison                        W Morrison

2000   Cults, Stranraer                                       J Walker                           G Beattie

2001   Pusk Farm, St Andrews                           A Morrison                        W J Morrison

2002   Cowhythe, Portsoy, Banff                       J Walker                           W J Morrison

2003   Mains of Keithick, Coupar Angus             A Morrison                        A Mitchell

2004   Foulis Mains, Evanton                             I McDonald                       W Morrison

2005   Deanfoot, Hawick                                   A Mitchell Jnr                    G Beattie

2006   Hillside, Banff                                         A Mitchell Jnr                    A Mitchell Snr

2007   Pusk, St Andrews                                   A Mitchell Jnr                    A Mitchell Snr

2008   West Fenton and Queenstonbank, Gullane      A Mitchell Jnr              A Mitchell Snr

2009   Farnell Mains, Brechin                             A Mitchell Jnr                    A Greenhill

2010   Upper Nisbet, Jedburgh                          A Mitchell Jnr                    A Mitchell Snr

2011   Croftcrunie, Muir of Ord                         A Mitchell Jnr                    A Mitchell Snr

2012   Coldstream Mains, Coldstream                A Mitchell Jnr                    D M Carnegie

2013   Stanstill Farm, Wick                                A Mitchell Jnr                    A Mitchell Snr

2014   Newlands and Pittendreich, Kinross         A Mitchell Jnr                    A Mitchell Snr

2015   Wester Greens, Moray                             A Mitchell Jnr                    A Mitchell Snr

2016   West Fenton, East Lothian                      I McDonald                       D M Carnegie

2017    Spreaderhill, Fraserburgh                        I McDonald                       D M Carnegie

2018    Bettyfield, Kelso                                        A Mitchell Snr                    D M Carnegie

2019    Bowhouse, St Monans                             A Mitchell Snr                     D M Carnegie

2022   Stanstill, Wick                                            W B Grieve                        J Tait


Year     Country                       Conventional and Reversible Representatives

1991     Northern Ireland            James Walker and Andrew Morrison

1992     Spain                           David Carnegie and Andrew Morrison

1993     Sweden                        I.J. Daniel and David Carnegie

1994     New Zealand                 Andrew Morrison and David Carnegie

1995     Kenya                          I.J. Daniel and John Morrison

1996     Republic of Ireland        William Cruden and David Carnegie

1997     Australia                       I.J. Daniel and Andrew Mitchell

1998     Germany                      Andrew Morrison and David Carnegie

1999     France                          James Walker and William Morrison

2000     England                       Andrew Morrison and William Morrison

2001     Denmark                      James Walker and Gordon Beattie

2002     Switzerland                   Andrew Morrison and William Morrison

2003     Canada                        James Walker and William Morrison

2004     Northern Ireland            Andrew Morrison and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2005     Czechoslovakia            Ian McDonald and William Morrison

2006     Republic of Ireland        Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Gordon Beattie

2007     Lithuania                       Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2008     Austria                         Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2009     Slovenia                       Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2010     New Zealand                 Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andy Greenhill

2011     Sweden                        Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2012     Croatia                         Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2013     Canada                        Andrew Mitchell Jnr and David Carnegie

2014     France                          Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2015     Denmark                      Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2016     England                       Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Andrew Mitchell Snr

2017     Kenya                           No Scottish representatives

2018     Germany                     Ian Williams and David Carnegie

2019     USA                              Andrew Mitchell Snr and David Carnegie

2022    Rep of Ireland              Gordon Rae and David Carnegie


David Carnegie                         World Reversible Champion    1996

Andrew Mitchell Snr                  World Reversible Champion    1997, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

World Conventional Champion 2019.

Andrew Mitchell Jnr                   World Conventional Champion    2006, 2012 and 2016.




Year     Country                       Scottish Representatives

1994     Germany                      Andrew Greenhill and Robert McDairmant

1995     England                       Robert McDairmant and Douglas Stewart

1996     Belgium                        Allan Watson and Adam Addison

1997     Czech Republic             Andrew Mitchell and Jamie Dick

1998     Wales                           William Morrison and Andrew Mitchell

1999     Switzerland                   Andrew Mitchell and Gordon Beattie

2000     France                          Andrew Mitchell and James Tait

2001     Austria                         Andrew Mitchell and Robin Hunter

2002     Netherlands                  David Carnegie and Andrew Mitchell

2003     Germany                      David Carnegie and Andrew Mitchell

2004     France                          Andrew Greenhill and Jamie Dick

2005     Sweden                        Andrew Mitchell and Alan Mackay

2007     England                       Andy Greenhill and A John McRobert

2008     Denmark                      Jamie Dick and Andy Greenhill

2009     Czech Republic             Andy Greenhill

2010     Republic of Ireland        Scott Alexander and Andy Greenhill

2011     France                          David Carnegie and Andy Greenhill

2012     Northern Ireland            David Carnegie and Andy Greenhill

2014     Belgium                        David Carnegie and James Tait

2015     Netherlands                  David Carnegie and James Tait

2016     Scotland                      David Carnegie and Andy Greenhill

2017      Switzerland                 Scott Alexander and Andy Greenhill

2018       Russia                          Scott Alexander

2019       Northern Ireland        Jamie Dick and Andy Greenhill

2022      Northern Ireland        No Scottish representatives


1999 and 2000                          Andrew Mitchell Snr                European Reversible Champion



Year     Country                       Trailing, Mounted and Classic Representatives

2002     Republic of Ireland        Tom Currie and Stuart Forsyth

2003     Denmark                      Robert Copland and Stuart Forsyth

2004     England                       George Mutch and Robert Douglas

2005     Netherlands                  Tom Currie and Robert Douglas

2006     Germany                      George Mutch and Robert Rodan

2007     Isle of Man                   George Mutch and Robert Douglas

2008     Wales                           Keith Lyall and Jim McKechnie

2009     Denmark                      Bill Wood and John Winter

2010     Scotland                      David Milton, John Bathgate and John Tait (Rev)

2011     Northern Ireland            George Mutch, Stuart Forsyth and John McBratney

2012     Belgium                        David Kirkpatrick, Bob Blyth and John Sivewright

2013     England                       James McPherson, Robin Forsyth, Stuart Forsyth

2014     Republic of Ireland        David Kirkpatrick, Jock Sivewright, Stuart Forsyth

2015     Netherlands                  Douglas Stewart, Jock Sivewright, Stuart Forsyth

2016     Wales                           Jim McPherson, George Black, Harry Ferguson

2017      Germany                   Ed Bennie, Robert Rodan, Stuart Forsyth and Raymond Middleton

2018      Belgium                    Morris Blacklaws, Keith Robertston, Stuart Forsyth and Raymond Middleton

2019      Scotland                   David Kirkpatrick, David Wood, Keith Robertson, Raymond Middleton and Neil Ramsay

2022      Northern Ireland    Doug Stewart, David Veitch, Neil Ramsay and Fraser Millar




Year     Country                       Conventional and Reversible Representatives

2003     Northern Ireland            Fraser Sangster and Andrew Mitchell Snr (Champion)

2004     Republic of Ireland        Fraser Sangster and Andrew Greenhill

2005     Scotland                      Andrew Mitchell Jnr and Gordon Beattie (Champion)

2006     England                       Ian McDonald and Robert Hunter

2007     Wales                           Gordon Rae and Andy Greenhill

2008     Northern Ireland            Ian McDonald and Gavin Robertson

2009     Republic of Ireland        Gordon Rae and Andrew Mitchell Snr (Champion)

2010     Scotland                      Gordon Rae and John D Fraser

2011     England (March 2012)   Ian Williams and Neil Ramsay

2012     Wales                           Mark Skea and Gordon Beattie

2013     Northern Ireland            Ian Williams and Gordon Beattie

2014     No Event

2015     Scotland                      Ian McDonald and Andy Greenhill

2016     England                       Mark Skea and Scott Alexander

2017     Wales                           Ian Williams and Dave Carnegie

2018    Northern Ireland        Mark Skea and Jamie Dick (Champion)

2019    Republic of Ireland     Hugh Currie and Brian Baxter

2022   Scotland                         Mark Skea and James Tait (Champion)



Year     Country                       Trailing, Mounted and Classic Representatives

2012     Scotland                      George Mutch, Alex Irving and Charles Manson

2013     Wales                           George Mutch, Alex Irving and Charles Manson

2014     England                       Jim McPherson, Alex Irving and Dave Veitch

2015     Scotland                      David Kirkpatrick, Michael Mackay, George Black, David Wood, Donald Buist and John Griffin.

2016     Rep of Ireland               David Kirkpatrick, Gordon Hepburn, Grant McDonald, Willie Grieve Snr, Stuart Forsyth and Gordon Hepburn Jnr.

2017      Northern Ireland        George Melville, Grant McDonald and Ian Henderson.

2018      Wales                             Eric Proctor, Robert Rodan, John Griffin and Euan Anderson.

2019       England                        Douglas Stewart, Eric Proctor, George Black, Robin Forsyth, Stuart Forsyth and John Rennie.

2022                                              No event.